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  • Felco is doing

    LIFETIME TOOLS = MINIMUM FOOTPRINT a little maintenance is all that is required for Felco tools to last a lifetime. This means that Felco owners consume less of the Earth's resources than owners of less durable products. In addition, our eco-friendly factories in Switzerland send all production waste for recycling, re-use process water, and save energy by capturing and recycling heat from the manufacturing processes. Felco - doing our bit.

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  • FELCO 811
    FELCO 811, the new portable pruning shears that offer power and speed for all demanding pruning jobs.

    FELCO has added to its range of portable electronic pruning shears with a new model that is light, powerful, versatile and fast. The FELCO is ideal for heavy-duty work in all areas of pruning applications, and is much appreciated by wine-growers, tree cultivators and landscape gardeners. It can easily cut diameters up to 35mm, with power, speed and manoeuvrability, this new tool truly completes a full range of FELCO electronic pruning shears.

    The FELCO combines the power of FELCO 820 with the speed and lightweight handling of FELCO 801. This new tool has been developed by FELCO through close collaboration with professional users across the world to ensure key user requirements were met or exceeded. After thoughtful design to user needs and significant user testing the result is a new versatile tool par excellence. In the areas of wine-growing, tree cultivation or tending to parks and gardens alike, FELCO 811 keeps all its promises to the demanding end user.

    With a 35mm cutting capacity, a robust single-piece cast aluminium body with a lifelong guarantee and redesigned cutting heads, the FELCO 811 is a powerful, compact and efficient tool. It offers superior cutting quality over a long period of time. Lightweight (810g) and with an unobstructed cutting head, the FELCO 811 easily navigates through branches to prune.

    Cutting speed can even be further increased by activating the semi-open mode. The semi-open mode can be adjusted to 50%, 60% and 70% as needed, and is activated easily with the trigger or the remote control unit.

    A second interchangeable and easy to mount cutting head is available as an option. This second cutting head is designed to hold the wood perfectly for heavy-duty cutting of large diameters (>30mm).

    The FELCO 811 tool is lightweight and balanced in the hand, and has soft touch coating for a comfortable grip. Its compact and ergonomic carrying system makes movements easy, with even distribution of the weight of the battery or batteries. The lined structure maximises air flow and thus provides greater comfort. The rugged and strong carrying system is compatible with other models of the FELCOtronic range.

    In addition to the existing battery, FELCO now offers a double-capacity battery of the latest generation. For those who already have a current FELCOtronic tool, the new FELCO 811 can be controlled by older carrying systems via a software update.

    Lastly, the cutting head is easy to maintain, with no need for disassembly, thanks to the lubricating bolt. As with all FELCO tools, the FELCO 811 has a complete set of spare parts available.

    FELCO 811 will be available from FELCO dealers from September 2016.

    "Throughout its long history of over 70 years, FELCO has always offered professional end users a range of pruning shears adapted to each need. Owners of the FELCO 820 appreciate its extraordinary power, while users of the FELCO 801 say they are very happy with its speed and manoeuvrability.

    With the release of the FELCO 811, FELCO has shown once again that it is a valuable partner capable of offering the most complete range in the market.

    The durability of our products is evidence of our dedication to professional users. That approach is also demonstrated by our decision to make the new control and battery systems compatible with electronic pruning shears dating from the early 2000s. Our slogan of 'Swiss Precision Made to Last' is being verified routinely in the field" says Christophe Nicolet, CEO of FELCO.

    "The main challenge for this FELCO 811 tool was to achieve cutting capacity and power that is far greater than the FELCO 801, with no adverse effect on speed and weight. Based on the principle of the proven FELCO 801, the mechanical system of the FELCO 811 has been entirely reviewed and optimised for new and highly versatile cutting heads to meet demanding professional end user needs" adds Denis Tièche, CTO of FELCO.

  • Prestige prunin
    Prestige pruning shears

    The DNA of a region encapsulated in a unique object

    More than just an exceptional tool, these pruning shears are the symbol of excellence of the Jura Arc region! Created to mark the 70th birthday of Geneveys-sur-Coffrane (NE)-based company FELCO, this tool embodies the synergy of long-standing know-how and cutting-edge technology.

    Both of these elements were brought to us by the craftsmen of the "Watch Valley", birthplace of the Swiss watchmaking industry, a world with which FELCO shares many common values, such as precision, reliability and durability. "To mark this anniversary, we wanted to work with the individuals who make up the DNA of our region and who endow it with their specialist expertise," explains Christophe Nicolet, Director of FELCO. Hence the creation of this exceptional tool, which is numbered and of which only 200 pairs exist.

    Prestige pruning shears

    The design of these jubilee pruning shears is based on the FELCO 6, a versatile, reliable and ergonomic tool and a source of pride for the brand. However, although these tools are closely related, they are not identical. The latest addition to the family is superbly embellished, verging on the sublime; black leather-coated handles with delicate red stitching. Moreover, the tool's aluminium components and screws and bolts are hand-polished before being given a surface treatment which ensures an extremely strong resistance and which gives these pruning shears a festive shine worthy of special occasions.

    5 know-how for an exceptional tool

    To create this exceptional 70th anniversary limited edition tool, FELCO has partnered with some of the finest producers from the Swiss Watch Valley.

    "Just like the 5’000 tools manufactured each day at FELCO, the 70th birthday pruning shears have been designed with precision and carefully assembled by hand," says Christophe Nicolet, Director of FELCO. As with other FELCO models, Prétat SA produces the aluminium components of the 70th anniversary pruning shears, that give its generous and ergonomic contours. The impressive sheen of these pruning shears is due to the intense polishing work – over one hour per tool – which is carried out manually at Polisage Brun workshops. Positive Coating provides the high tech protective coating with very fine layers that are only a few fractions of a micron thick. Nonetheless, it is in fact these layers which enhance and protect the parts that they cover.

    The FELCO 70th anniversary tool’s handle coverings come out of Créations Perrin Sellier’s leather goods factory with black Barenia leather wrapped handles, overstitched with striking red seams.

    FELCO is proud to launch this pair of limited edition pruning shears to celebrate its 70 years and to show case the exceptional craftmanship and technical expertise of the Swiss Watch Valley.

    All FELCO proceeds of this tool will go to the ASM charity that supports rural Swiss mountain people.

  • FELCO 16 - FELC
    Three new pruning shears

    FELCO expands its range of pruning shears with three new models: two tools for left-handers and one flower pruning shear.
    FELCO takes into account the needs of its customers when developing its tools and are pleased to announce the launch of left handed versions of its compact secateurs to complete the range.

    FELCO 16 and FELCO 17 - Models for left-handers
    FELCO 16 (based upon FELCO 6) and FELCO 17 with rotating handle (based upon FELCO 12) are designed for left-handers, since approximately one in ten is left-handed. Both models serve to enrich the pruning shear range for left-handers, offering compact, extremely easy to use and comfortable tools.

    Professional pruners carry out up to 10,000 cuts per day across several months of the year, so it is easy to understand why only accurate, compact pruning shears, perfectly suited to the hand can satisfy pruning constraints. The pruning shears and user must withstand 10,000 cuts per day...

    The reliability of FELCO tools has been proven. Global pruning shear producer since 1945, FELCO has always found the perfect balance between efficiency, user-friendliness, reliability and accuracy. And even today FELCO brings, with its two new pruning shears for left-handers, a solution without compromise: comfortable forged aluminum handles, high quality hardened steel blade and anvil-blade and micrometric adjustment of the cutting head for a clean and accurate cut.
    Available for sale from October 2014.

    FELCO 4C&H - Flower pruning shear
    FELCO 4Cut & Hold, flower-pruning shear that enables the cutting of flowers without damaging them. It is an adaptation of
    the FELCO 4 model to which a special device is screwed to the blade to hold the stem after cutting and avoid the flower falling to the ground.

    Without straying from the brand characteristics - with the forged aluminum handles and high-quality tempered steel blade and counterblade, the FELCO 4C&H offers a particularly advantageous solution for pruners attentive to the price of their tools comparing it to its big brother The FELCO 100 (flower pruning device based upon the FELCO 11 model).
    Available for sale from October 2014.

    STIHL and FELCO sign partnership deal

    FELCO, the manufacturer of professional pruning shears and cable cutters, is to cooperate with chain saw and power tool manufacturer STIHL in the area of cordless pruning shears. A global collaboration contract covering distribution, co-branding, technological developments and market penetration was signed by STIHL and its affiliate VIKING on one hand and FELCO and its spin-off FELCO Motion on the other hand at FELCO premises, in Les Geneveys-sur-Coffrane, Neuchâtel (Switzerland) on May 7th, 2014. Two family-owned companies, decades of experience, each a specialist in its own field, strict quality standards and a high level of in-house production: There are many aspects that STIHL and FELCO have in common. This prompted the idea of joining forces to fill a gap in the STIHL product portfolio to the benefit of both parties. STIHL executive board member Norbert Pick explains: “STIHL expands the range of products which can be powered with our battery system.” “This partnership marks a new milestone at FELCO. It inaugurates a new era in terms of new and co-developed products as well as synergies in marketing and distribution for our companies. Both sides win,” says FELCO managing director Christophe Nicolet. The first co-developped tool, the ASA 85 cordless pruning shears, will be added to the STIHL product line this autumn.

    Felco SA possesses 70 years of experience in the cutting and pruning expertise, associated with its young spin-off FELCO Motion, engine of the technological innovations dedicated to the new generation of electro-portable tools. The company is highly recognized by STIHL for its technology and manufacturing expertise in manual and battery powered pruning tools. The cooperation agreement will not be limited to cordless pruning shears: STIHL recently began selling, under its own brand, hand saws produced by FELCO. In addition, STIHL will further gradually extend its line with FELCO pruning shears and loppers starting in 2015. In this case, the origin of the products remains evident. Both STIHL and FELCO will appear on the packaging with their respective logos and brand colors. Christophe Nicolet illustrates: “We are confident that both OEM products and co-branded FELCO manual pruning shears will strengthen our global presence in professional pruning tools. Through this cooperation, both STIHL and FELCO are offering a better access to end-users looking for innovative pruning solutions.”

    FELCO Company Portrait
    FELCO is the world-leading manufacturer of professional pruning shears and cable cutters since 1945. FELCO manufacturing facilities and R&D center are based in Switzerland. Driven by passion, ethic and perfection, the FELCO entity brings together a vast network of importers in over 90 countries as well as 7 subsidiaries based in France, Germany, Benelux, Australia, South Africa, USA and Canada. The FELCO Group employs over 220 people on 3 sites located in Switzerland. Visit us at

    FELCO Motion Portrait
    FELCO Motion SA, created in 2010, is a spin-off of FELCO SA. Its first mission is to develop, design, assemble and deliver innovative mechanical and electronic solutions for all the new range of electro portable pruning and cutting tools FELCO is commercializing throughout its distribution network. The know-how developed and capitalized within our organization is also contributing to propose to other market segments and customers, high technological solutions with a clear focus on innovation, quality and durability.

    STIHL Company Portrait
    The STIHL Group develops, manufactures and distributes power tools for professional forestry and agriculture as well as for garden and landscape maintenance, the construction sector and the demanding private user. The range of garden power tools from VIKING complements the product line. Products are distributed exclusively through authorized dealers, including 34 marketing subsidiaries, about 120 importers and more than 40,000 dealers in over 160 countries. STIHL has been the world’s top-selling chain saw brand since 1971. The company was founded in 1926 and is based in Waiblingen near Stuttgart. In 2013, STIHL achieved a worldwide sales volume of 2.81 billion euros with a workforce of 13,844.

  • FELCO listening
    FELCO listening to its market

    For the Geneveys-sur-Coffrane-based company, direct contact with users has always been paramount. The teams at headquarters regularly travel the world to meet FELCO customers seeking improvements to Swiss pruners. This proximity has always featured as part of FELCO’s philosophy, which has always considered user requirements when developing the tools. FELCO provides a proximity service thanks to its worldwide distribution network and is striving to spread its communication in 14 languages for better understanding.
    FELCO tools designed for professionals in the cut and size
    In 1946, Felix Flisch exports its products to the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, South Africa and Israel, with the constant concern to be recognized by professional users.
    Today, in more than 100 countries, FELCO is recognized worldwide as a true work and development partner. With such trust comes responsibility: FELCO must constantly innovate and further improve the quality of its products. Thus, the company has a department of research and development whose purpose is to anticipate the needs of its various markets and to respond with tools that are perfectly adapted to the evolving needs and requirements of end users.
    In its almost 70 years of existence, FELCO has witnessed the significant expansion of its range. The simple pruning shears that launched the company have been joined by revolving-handle pruning shears and subsequently, powered tools to result in today's range of high-performance products, manufactured from increasingly innovative materials. However, the core values have remained unchanged since 1945, namely: ergonomics, reliability and durability.
    Owing to the fact that pruning professionals must have pruning shears adapted to the hand and intended usage, FELCO engineers are permanently working on the ergonomics of their tools. The high precision components for the replacement of all parts and the use of best materials ensure product durability and excellent cutting quality.
    FELCO local service
    FELCO has created over the years, a very dense distribution network by establishing professional contacts worldwide. The FELCO distribution network enjoys comprehensive training and is able to answer questions and expectations of the most demanding customers. Thanks to many years of collaboration and partnership with all of the distribution network, customers receive the relevant information and a very rapid diffusion of new products. The distribution network is an integral part of the great FELCO family and shares its values, the objective is total customer satisfaction.
    FELCO is determined to establish and maintain a sales network with a strong presence in the field, as well as at international and national fairs and exhibitions. Worldwide technical and commercial seminars are organised with this goal in mind.
    FELCO tools to last
    FELCO tools are made to last. More than a commercial promise, it is a true philosophy, inherited from the company's founder, Felix Flisch, who had this genius idea to make every component replaceable. Thus, for each FELCO model it is possible to find spare parts and the users are able to ensure regular maintenance of the tool. More complicated operations are carried out by the importers or by headquarters. For example, replacing riveted parts or plastic handles requires special equipment and a steady hand.
    In order to guarantee proximity and better responsiveness, an after-sales service is guaranteed in each country by FELCO importers or by FELCOtronic retailers, in the case of electro portable pruning shears.
    FELCO digital meeting its customers
    Since 2012, FELCO has been "digitally" meeting its end users on social networks. This not only represents a way of instigating
    direct conversations with customers, but it also enables these customers to speak amongst themselves and exchange their professional practices. FELCO is closer than ever to its customers either physically on the ground, through its sales network or virtual way with today's technologies.

  • Nouvelle éditio
    New edition of the FELCO PASSION magazine

    Discover the new FELCO PASSION magazine either on-line or download the pdf version.
    Happy reading!

  • FELCO 7
    New rotating handles making tools more user friendly and comfortable.

    FELCO has improved the ergonomics of FELCO 7, FELCO 10, FELCO 12 and FELCO 50 to provide an easier and more comfortable grip.

    The Swiss Company FELCO is the global leader recognised for the quality for its cutting and pruning tools. The recent developments have focused on improving the ergonomics of the one-hand, rotating handle pruning shears, which include the FELCO 7, 10, 12 and 50 models within the "Green range". The company is looking to push the boundaries of excellence for the rotating handled tools, in particular the areas that supports the movement of the hand, to guarantee greater comfort when using the pruning shears. These tools are primarily designed for professionals working in the fields of arboriculture, horticulture or viticulture but can also be used by demanding amateurs. All the new models will be launched as from September.

    The improvements made have resulted in the heightened comfort of the FELCO 7, FELCO 10, FELCO 12 and FELCO 50. The major change lies with the choice of a elastomer (rubber) coating for the rotating handle, which is a softer and more adhesive material than the polymer used up till now. In addition, the geometry of the aluminium handles of the FELCO 7, 10 and 50 models was revised in order to enhance the ergonomics and the effectiveness of the pruning shears.

    The uniqueness of the FELCO Company lies with the durability of the products. The aluminium pruning shear handles are guaranteed for life. In addition, the designers have ensured that the new spare parts, including the rotating handles, are compatible with former tools.

  • FELCO 801, the
    The FELCO 801, the ideal electric pruning shear for intensive pruning work.

    With the FELCO 801, FELCO is extending its power-assisted range of pruning tools. This innovative model, owing to its perfect design, is particularly suited to pruning work within vineyards. Fast- cutting, light and ergonomic, the FELCO 801 easily finds its way round the branches that require cutting. Cutting diameters of up to 30 mm, the FELCO 801 is ideal for a multitude of other uses.

    With the FELCO 801, the Swiss brand offers the ideal electric pruning shear for cutting diameters of up to 30 mm. Particularly suited to vineyard work, the FELCO 801 can also be used for horticulture, nursery work or the maintenance of parks and gardens.

    The FELCO 801 offers maximum comfort. The FELCO 801 was designed with the requirements of professionals in mind. The tool is light, well balanced in the hand, comfortable and pleasant to handle. The pivot trigger and the compact body offer unparalleled manoeuvrability. This lightweight tool is ergonomic making work easier and reducing the strain on arm and shoulder muscles.

    Left-handers have no need to worry, FELCO has developed a special left-handed model, the FELCO 801G.

    The compact and light harness simplifies movement and ensures good distribution of the battery weight. The fleece-lined structure ensures optimal air circulation, and therefore greater comfort. Strong and solid, the powerpack is compatible with other models within the FELCOtronic range.

    The ultra-soft cord is inserted through one of the loops positioned on each shoulder, which ensures that it does not become tangled in the branches.

    Increased productivity, all thanks to the FELCO 801. The tool design and cutting head geometry enable the FELCO 801 to move easily amongst the branches that require cutting.

    The accurate control of the blade movement is thanks to the progressive mode, this enables maximum precision, efficient cutting and safety. The semi-open mode offers precious time-saving when cutting small diameters.

    The engineers of the Swiss brand envisaged both innovative and efficient mechanics, particularly owing to the increased motor rotation speed and the optimized ball screw movement.

    The remote housing displays numerous useful details such as the battery life remaining, the number of cuts, troubleshooting, etc.

    The battery life is able to provide a full day of pruning, which varies according to the durability and diameter of the wood to be cut. Where required, a second battery can easily be added, regardless of the charge level. With lithium polymer (Li-Po) technology, the battery recharges in 2 hours maximum.

    Safety when working is guaranteed thanks to the stand-by mode.

    Additional cutting heads can be used with the FELCO 801 when carrying out specific work. The 800M cutting head is made for cutting the hooves of sheep and goats and the 800F cutting head is ideal for small diameters of up to 20 mm.

    Nature-friendly tool. Thanks to its cutting head made of superior quality hardened steel, the cut is clean and precise. It is possible to cut branches without damaging them, this enables better healing of the pruning cut and contributes to improved plant production.

    The precise adjustment system for the clearance between the blade and the anvil blade ensures a clean, accurate cut, throughout the entire day.

    Extremely simple maintenance. Cutting head maintenance operations can be carried out very easily without dismantling the tool, notably thanks to the grease bolt, which enables easy and efficient lubrication of the cutting head. The forged aluminum provides the tool body with remarkable strength and longevity.

    The FELCO 801 appears like a natural extension of the hand; users will feel as if they are carrying out manual cutting whilst benefiting from the advantages of electro portable pruning shears. The FELCO 801, is the one!

  • FELCO 820
    The FELCO 820, a complete cutting solution

    Suited to arboriculture and forestry work, some viticulture work, for use within parks and gardens and by landscape gardeners, the brand new FELCO electroportable pruning shear the FELCO 820 was devised at the heart of Watch Valley. Below is a detailed review of this multipurpose tool.

    The FELCO 820 electroportable pruning shear represents the latest FELCO creation. Entirely designed, developed and manufactured in Switzerland, in Neuchâtel within the heart of the watch industry, it proudly boasts the Swiss made logo.

    The specifications governing its design were simple; provide customers of the Swiss company with a powerful, rapid, reliable, easy to handle and multipurpose electric pruning shear. This versatility makes the FELCO 820 ideal for different scenarios ranging from arboriculture to forestry work, use within parks and garden, use by landscape gardeners and even for viticulture work, the FELCO 820 represents the perfect tool for all types of cutting work.

    FELCO 820 features

    With its cutting diameter spanning from 1 to 45 mm, the FELCO 820, offers unparalleled strength, unseen on the market.

    It ensures a clean and accurate cut, regardless of the cutting diameter. Favoring rapid wood healing, the FELCO 820 preserves the health of plants. Additionally the curved cutting head proves to be extremely valuable when working at height, as the wood is not driven back upon cutting. Rapid opening and closing ensure precious time-saving during cutting.

    The step-by-step mode enables accurate control of blade movement dependent on the pressure placed on the trigger both when opening and when closing. It is therefore easier to move amongst the branches.

    The FELCO 820 provides significant innovation; by simply double pressing the trigger you can activate the semi-open mode saving valuable time with small-scale and medium-scale cutting. This new trigger action also enables the tackling of larger diameters, with this clever system there is no longer any need to juggle between the electric pruning shear and a saw!

    Thanks to the stand-by mode handling of the tool and cutting accessories (ladder, harness...) is achieved in complete safety.

    Light and slender, the harness offers optimal comfort and great charging capacity. It can be used with either one or two batteries; dependent on the respective load level the operator only needs to carry what they require to carry out their work. The harness is easily adjusted so the operator can quickly change and its sits close to the body guaranteeing easier movement. The powerpack (with batteries) is fully compatible with FELCO 800 and FELCO 810.

    The ultra-soft cord is inserted through one of the loops positioned on each shoulder, which ensures that it does not become tangled in the branches. Its ideal length enables both right-handed and left-handed operation. Whether you are right or left handed or whether you need to change hands during cutting, FELCO 820 guarantees maximum multipurpose qualities in all situations.

    Ultra-light and slim batteries recharge within 2 hours. A clever Kers type system (used in Formula 1) saves the energy produced upon blade closure and extends the charge of the FELCO 820 by more than 10%. A USB port enables charging of items such as a mobile telephone or MP3 player.

    Forged aluminum provides the tool body with exceptional strength and longevity. Additionally, this sophisticated system guarantees resistance to dirt and other cutting waste.

    In addition the tool has easy and rapid maintenance as a screen is integrated as part of the remote housing, this displays lots of useful information such as the remaining charge capacity, the number of cuts, troubleshooting etc. A grease bolt lubricates and reduces wear. A storage bag includes essential accessories for regular maintenance of the tool...Undoubtedly, the latest product developed by FELCO in Les Geneveys-sur-Coffrane is much more than simply an electric pruning shear; it represents a genuine, complete cutting solution!

  • FELCO 220
    FELCO 220 : unmatched power and cutting precision !

    FELCO launches a new model of two-hand, lever-action pruning shears combined with bypass cutting head: FELCO 220. Light and powerful with a cutting diameter up to 40 mm. Their bypass cutting head allows clean and precision cutting while their lever system makes pruning easier.

    FELCO 220 shears are the new two-hand pruning shears designed by the engineers of Geneveys-sur-Coffrane. They come to complete the FELCO 230 and FELCO 231 series. Sharing the lever system, lightness and power of the first two models, FELCO 220 shears stand out for their outstanding cutting head.

    The clean and precise cutting offered by FELCO 220 shears promotes the healing of the wound hence greatly limiting the risk of infection.

    Being equipped with a powerful tempered steel blade and anvil-blade, and an ingenious lever system, FELCO 220 shears can cut diameters of 40 mm. This system offers up to 65% more power and therefore limits the use of the saw.

    FELCO 220 shears are ideal for heavy-duty work in arboriculture, as well as in parks and gardens. Being 80 cm long and weighing 1.3 Kg, FELCO 220 shears are lightweight and easy-to-use even in the highest branches. Soft springs and good distribution of the tool weight offer exceptional ease of use. They feature non-slip coating of the tubular aluminum alloy handles to perfect ergonomics.

    Designed and manufactured using the best materials and under the strictest manufacturing processes, FELCO tools offer a long lifecycle.

  • Nouvelle éditio
    New edition of the FELCO PASSION magazine

    Discover the new FELCO PASSION magazine either on-line or download the pdf version.
    Happy reading!

  • FELCO 19 sprayi
    New bottle for FELCO 19 spraying pruning shears

    FELCO 19 spraying pruning shears are now supplied with a light, hardwearing and recyclable bottle. Simplified maintenance.

  • News from FELCO
    FELCO is delighted to present the FELCO 820, a complete pruning solution!

    Come and discover the multipurpose qualities of our new electroportable pruning shear, entirely designed and manufactured in Switzerland.

  • News from FELCO
    For vineyard work…

    The FELCO 820 is perfect for vine regeneration and cutting fruit tree branches.

  • News from FELCO
    A tool ideal for forestry work

    The FELCO 820 is perfect for tree species selection work and to eliminate branches where trees grow.

  • News from FELCO
    Landscape gardeners will appreciate FELCO 820

    They will be particularly satisfied with the optimal healing of the pruning cut, thanks to the cutting quality of the FELCO 820. It guarantees improved health and longevity of plants.

  • News from FELCO
    Maximum safety for local authorities

    The porterage, close to the body, offers heightened safety and the strength of the tool reduces the need for the saw.

  • News from FELCO
    A tool suited to arboriculture work

    With its semi-open mode, cutting results rapid and accurate. Its light and slender harness is ideal for cutting trees.

  • News from FELCO
    FELCO has reinvented the electroportable pruning shear.

    With FELCO 820, power, speed, ergonomics, efficiency and reliability are on the cards. Least forgetting the exceptional multipurpose qualities of this Swiss-made tool.

  • News from FELCO
    The latest FELCO innovation is soon to arrive…

    FELCO engineers are delighted to announce the soon-expected arrival of their latest invention... Just a few days to go!

  • FELCO, the worl
    FELCO picks up the social networking gauntlet!

    The start of the year means New Years' resolutions, and the Swiss brand has resolved to spend the next twelve months establishing its presence in the social networking arena. Facebook, LinkedIn, FlickR, YouTube… FELCO intends to make 2012 the year for connecting with all those who use its pruning tools - and that means you!
    In 2012, FELCO plans to make a “digital” connection with its end-users via social networking sites. Facebook and LinkedIn will allow the brand to converse with you, the end-user, directly, as well as enabling you to chat amongst yourselves. The sites will offer brand updates, allow pruning professionals to swap their tips, and give everyone a platform on which to share their experiences…
    FlickR and YouTube, meanwhile, will be used to share images and clips of the products in use.
    Engaging directly with its end-users is absolutely vital as far as the Swiss-based company from Geneveys-sur-Coffrane is concerned. Soliciting feedback has always been close to the firm's heart, with the head office teams regularly heading overseas to meet end-users, relentlessly scouring the world for ways of improving the Swiss secateurs.
    The arrival of social networking sites represents a brand new opportunity for the firm, introducing a communications channel that is both simple and direct. The digital tools are readily accessible and waiting to be used - by FELCO, of course, but notably by you.
    Gleaning a better understanding of the way in which you work will help FELCO design tools that are even better tailored to your needs.

  • Cam-assisted lo
    FELCO 231, comparative test winner

    The German magazine ETM TESTMAGAZIN published a comparative test of loppers in its October 2011 number: the FELCO 231 was given the score "very good" for its performance, cutting quality and ease of handling.

  • FELCO 2 test wi
    Kassensturz, a Swiss German TV programme aimed at consumers: FELCO 2 pruning shears on test!

    The renowned Kassensturz programme on Swiss TV carried out comparative testing of pruning shears: FELCO 2, brought by more than 15 million users, received excellent appraisal.

  • Nouvelle éditio
    New edition of the FELCO PASSION magazine

    Discover the new FELCO PASSION magazine either on-line or download the pdf version.
    Happy reading!

  • New FELCO corpo
    New FELCO corporate identity

    As from today, September 5th 2011, FELCO launches its new revamped Internet website, available in 14 languages. Steps have been taken to make navigation faster, more user-friendly and to ensure consistency with other FELCO communication supports.

  • Renewable elect
    Renewable electricity governs pruning shear production

    As from this very moment, thanks to measures agreed upon with energy suppliers and internal energy-saving actions, FELCO ensures the production of eco-friendly tools.

    FELCO is striving to keep its commitment in terms of environmentally friendly production. As from the 1st June, the Company will pay approximately 2% more in electricity, however, it ensures that this electricity comes from renewable energy sources.

    The green energy is produced in Switzerland, some of which, in the districts of Neuchâtel and Fribourg. This geographical proximity is significant. The less distance between producer and consumer, the less electricity lost along the high voltage lines.

    The renewable energy selected by FELCO is nearly all water power, featuring some solar power. If solar energy continues to further develop, this represents a combination which could take off with time. Most of the green energy price goes towards developing renewable energy sources in order to increase their ratio when compared to fossil fuels and nuclear energy.

    "E Group classification affirms that this energy does not come from the pumped-storage hydroelectricity of water", stresses Christophe Nicolet, Industrial Production Manager at FELCO. Keeping water in a dam to then churn it once again is classified as electricity production which originates from nonrenewable energy. Moving on to nuclear energy.

    In practical terms, FELCO uses 1.7 GWH per year, the equivalent used by 340 households. The use of renewable energy allows for the significant decrease of CO2 emissions, from 890 tons to 20 tons. "In developed countries such as Switzerland, Germany and France, the consumer is only too aware of these types of issues", states Christophe Nicolet.

    Environmentally friendly production

    For some years now, FELCO has attempted to cut back on the use of water, electricity and gas used when making tools. "Since 2005, we have been able to cut back on gas by up to a third without changing our products at all", explains Pierre-Olivier Matile, the Safety, Health and Environmental Manager. It was at this very time, owing to the expansion of the factory, that the surface area and volume of the building to be heated increased. By changing the boiler, major energy savings were achieved.

    Heating is guaranteed, thanks largely to the dual-use of the coolant. This liquid firstly serves to cool down the precision grinding and grinding machines. Then it enters a heat pump where it exclusively heats this pump during use.

    The compressed air system represents a further key element which is used by some machine tools. Its complete revision and additionally, production better suited to the requirements have allowed for the significant decrease of electricity consumption.

    However, the most spectacular example of energy conservation can be seen with the water. The change of heating system, carried out last summer, has reduced heating consumption from 20 m3 to only one m3 per week. Prior to this, the water coolant incorporated the system's running water. Now, it flows in a closed-circuit. A free-cooling system uses the external air to ensure the cooling of the water, alongside a refrigeration unit, which limits energy consumption during the night and throughout the entire winter period.

    In 2009, solar panels were installed on the roof which allow for the heating of potable water. The windows of one of the workshops were replaced this summer, allowing for heat saving owing to the improved building insulation. "The district of Neuchâtel is requesting that companies which boast high energy consumption, make energy savings of 17% within the space of 10 years", explains Christophe Nicolet. FELCO has already surpassed this objective, with energy savings of 23% since the year 2000.

  • Hartmann Gander
    Hartmann Gander, 44 years listening to the FELCO machines

    After a career of 44 years at the mechanical workshop of FELCO, Hartmann Gander retired on January 1st, 2011. He retells us the technological saga of the company from Geneveys-sur-Coffrane. Portrait of a young retired.

    In 1966, when Hartmann Gander joined FELCO, the company had about fifty people and produced about 4,000 shears per week. Today it has three times more employees and produces 5,000 pieces per day. In more than forty years, the small shears factory became known worldwide and the production techniques have changed considerably.

    Witness – and actor – in this technological revolution, Hartmann speaks in a benevolent and self-amused way about his first hours in Geneveys-sur-Coffrane. “I arrived from my canton of Grisons on May 9th, 1966, on the eve of my 20th birthday”; he recalls. “Félix Flisch was a cousin of my father and he had convinced me to join his company after completing my apprenticeship as a toolmaker mechanic in Coire.”

    At that time, the workshop only had an old drill, a milling machine and two small towers. The mechanics had to make the pieces one by one. “The equipment was scarce, but we had to use what we had. It was definitely the best way to understand the needs and the production constraints.” In the 70s, the house of the Flisch family adjoined the workshop and the FELCO founder, Félix Flisch, worked there every night until ten o’clock. His wife did the bookkeeping and took care of the wages when orders from overseas were increasing.

    Quickly, Hartmann Gander was appointed head of the mechanical workshop of FELCO. In order to complete his training, he attended a masterclass in mechanics at evening classes in Bern. For four years, he made the 120 km round trip for 3-4 times a week. But he still found time to marry and have a family!

    Automation on its way

    The BDM automatic machine was installed in 1967 but this did not offer complete satisfaction, the technical manager at that time decided to design his own transfer machine. In 1970 it started to operate and produced handles for the FELCO 4 until 2002. Shortly after, Hartmann and his colleagues put into operation the second transfer machine designed for the machining of handles for the FELCO 2. “They allow the machining of a piece in ten seconds.” It was of course not only about increased productivity, but also a greater accuracy. The manufacturing process was gradually being automated.

    In order to streamline the construction of future transfer machines and to limit their cost, the mechanics design and build the “FELCO unit”: a standardized machining station, adaptable for various needs, with or without multiple drilling or tapping boxes. This standard has been used for many years, and many units are still working today.

    A man listening to the machines

    The technology is improving constantly in the service of manufacturing. In the 80s, for example, the arrival of TiN (titanium nitride) extended the life of the tools used during the machining and stamping operations. Overtime, a series of grinding blades were built and put into operation. In 1974, Hartmann developed a reliable protection system for these somewhat temperamental machines. Throughout his career, Hartmann listened to the machines and thought hard in order to find solutions. Fascinated by mechanics and fully aware of the intricacies of manufacturing proved, he was always able to adapt the procedures to the needs.

    Today, with the digital revolution that is also underway at FELCO, the equipment is computer operated and it is often fed by robots. On January 1st, 2011, Hartmann hung up his tools for his well-deserved retirement. He will not feel bored though, between his duties at the town planning office, his skis, his bike and his garden, he has already planned a trip to Norway to explore the fjords and the midnight sun.

  • Christophe Nico
    FELCO announces change to the helm

    Les Geneveys-sur-Coffrane (January 2011) For the first time in its 66-year history, leading Swiss manufacturer FELCO is to appoint a chief executive officer from outside the family realm. 43-year-old Christophe Nicolet will assume the role of Chief Executive Officer in July from Laurent Perrin, grandson of company founder Félix Flisch.

    Mr Nicolet, who is originally from the Neuchâtel region, joined FELCO as Industrial Manager on the10th of January this year. Prior to that, he was CEO of various companies within the Swatch group in Malaysia and Switzerland. He moved to the watch-making sector after a variety of roles, most notably with industrial furnace specialist SOLO Swiss. His background is in mechanical engineering with post-graduate studies in business management.

    Laurent Perrin, who has been FELCO chief executive officer since 2003, said his successor brings broad operational and management experience to the company.

    "Christophe Nicolet understands the industrial process insofar that he has assumed many operational roles. He’s familiar with the technical challenges that govern production,’ he said. ‘His experience also gives him particular insight into the cultural differences which are essential to FELCO as it ventures into non-traditional territories.’

    The future CEO’s vision for FELCO’s future is clear, to maintain the durability of the company while building growth.

    ‘FELCO produces products with significant added value by uniting various activities within the company. Its stability and long-term strategy allow it to occupy a position on the international market while simultaneously ensuring quality,’ he said.

    Mr Perrin plans to return to Canada where his career at FELCO first began. Early retirement is not an option. Mr Perrin plans to tackle the North-American market by creating two new subsidiaries distributing FELCO botany products in the USA and Canada. His commitment to the overall development of the FLISCH Holding Group will see him assume the role of Administrator and Director Overseeing Strategic Development in other fields.

    ‘I’ll be leaving the company in safe hands,’ he says. ‘Christophe Nicolet understands the corporate culture extremely well and shares the family values that have served FELCO so well.’

    About FELCO
    Félix Flisch, who died in 2000, founded FELCO SA in 1945 in Geneveys-sur-Coffrane, the Arc Jurassien watch-making heartland of Switzerland. The company specialises in the production and commercialization of cutting tools for professional use. Based in the Neuchâtel region, FELCO SA is a standard reference for the global pruning-shear market. Its high-quality products are designed and assembled in Switzerland. FELCO SA has 140 employees and recorded a turnover of 41 million Swiss francs for the period, 2009-2010. With 40 product associates, the company exports to more than 100 countries. FELCO has six subsidiaries in Switzerland, France, Germany, Belgium, South Africa and Australia.

    For further information:
    - Media (Press): Patricia Borloz: T +41 328 581 449
    - Other questions: To find the right FELCO contact in your country: Contact us

  • Laurent Perrin
    FELCO welcomed people with disabilities

    FELCO has always welcomed people with disabilities. The founder, Félix Flisch, employed a partially sighted person years back. Report broadcasted by the TSR on the 14/12/2010

  • Portes ouvertes
    FELCO – Open House Day

    Geneveys-sur-Coffrane (october 2010) FELCO has treated itself to a new building to mark its 65th birthday!

    From the 22nd to the 23rd October, owing to the unveiling of FELCO's new industrial building, the atmosphere in Geneveys-sur-Coffrane was bathed in festivities. This opening falls on the same date as the Company's sixty fifth birthday.

    FELCO opened its doors wide on the 22nd and 23rd October 2010. It was joint celebration time: The Company celebrated its 65 years in operation at the same time as it opened the doors of its new industrial building. 2,500 square meters is to be divided amongst the Swiss subsidiary, the consignment centre, the after-sales service and the latest addition to the Group, FELCO Motion, a specialist in innovative electromechanical solutions.

    The official opening took place on Friday the 22nd October. Political, industrial and academic leaders from all over Switzerland came together at this event. Company suppliers, crucial in ensuring FELCO quality, were also invited.

    During his talk, Laurent Perrin, Managing Director and son of FELCO's founder, Felix Flisch, focused on the main, significant events which have punctuated FELCO's past: The establishment of the Company in 1945, the first site expansion in 1965, the death of Félix Flisch in 2000 and in 2005, technological innovation, which was further confirmed when FELCO was awarded by the Prix de l’entreprise suisse romande. Innovation again took centre stage in 2010 with the establishment of FELCO Motion.

    The guided tour of the new, completely renovated building, was a perfect opportunity to recall FELCO's commitment to respect the environment. Significant focus was placed on the use of recycled and recyclable materials and on energy management.

    Celebrations were just as lively the day following the official opening. It was a chance for the general public to get an insight of FELCO. Factory visits, free tool maintenance, advice from a gardening expert, activities aimed at children... the world-leading manufacturer of pruning shears put on a great spread in order to welcome more than 1,200 attendees!

    The smiles and expressions of the visitors said it all: the red-handle pruning shear still has its best days ahead!

    For further information:
    - Media (Press): Patricia Borloz: T +41 328 581 449
    - Other questions: To find the right FELCO contact in your country: Contact us

  • New ultra-light
    FELCO SA: new ultra-light 80 cm loppers

    Geneveys-sur-Coffrane (September 2010) - FELCO SA is launching two new loppers that meet the needs of even the most demanding professionals. FELCO designers used their experience and know-how to produce super-light loppers with maximum cutting power, infusing their design with the quality and effectiveness associated with FELCO. With this launch, the world leader in pruning and cutting tools is extending its product range to provide the ideal solution for the intensive pruning of large branches, particularly suited to orchard work.

    FELCO's decision to extend its existing range of two-hand pruning shears is based on feedback received from its professional customer base. The two new models are incredibly light, very easy to handle and exceptionally effective. A key feature of the new tools is the reduced level of arm and shoulder strain experienced by the operator, especially during intensive work such as the pruning of mature fruit trees. The tools are also well-suited to forestry work.

    Measuring 80 cm in length, the new loppers make light work of cutting branches with a diameter of 40 mm. They feature tubular handles made of a highly resistant aluminium alloy, and an ingenious cam-lever system that reduces the cutting effort. This system delivers a leverage ratio of 1.6x. The hardened steel blade interacts with a high-quality, precision-forged aluminium anvil to deliver a clean, smooth and accurate cut.

    The two models differ by the shape of their cutting heads: the FELCO 230 features a straight, tapered anvil that allows easy access to the location of the cut; the FELCO 231 features a hollow-shaped blade and a curved anvil that trap the branch close to the fulcrum of the cutting head; this prevents push-back and makes cutting work easier.

    Both models feature non-slip grips and come equipped with a stop block system that prevents fingers getting jammed at the end of the cutting action. Like all FELCO tools, the FELCO 230 and FELCO 231 models are backed by a full range of spare parts.

    For further information:
    - Media (Press): Patricia Borloz: T +41 328 581 449
    - Other questions: To find the right FELCO contact in your country: Contact us

  • Magazine FELCO
    Discover the FELCO PASSION magazine either on-line or download the pdf version

    We are represented in approximately a hundred countries and our aim is to reveal what lies behind the name FELCO and who is involved behind the scenes at FELCO. Happy reading!

  • FELCO 611 & FEL
    FELCO SA: new pruning saws

    Geneveys-sur-Coffrane (February 2010) - Driven by the desire to satisfy the wishes of even the most demanding professional users, FELCO SA is launching two new pruning saws that are packed with technical improvements. With this launch, the world leader in pruning and cutting tools is setting a new standard for cutting performance, tool durability and user comfort.

    The new models differ from each other by the length of their state-of-the-art pull-stroke blades: 33 cm (13 in.) for the FELCO 611 model, 24 cm (9.5 in.) for the FELCO 621 model. The improvements on the previous models are as follows:

    - The teeth are now impulse-hardened, which increases their hardness and the life span of the blade;
    - The shape of the teeth has been modified for maximum evacuation of sawdust while cutting;
    - The shape of the blade itself has been redesigned to enhance user comfort and reduce vibration levels.

    Both saws have retained the features that brought on the success of the previous FELCO 610 and FELCO 620 models: the blade is made of a high-quality, rust resistant chrome-plated steel; its tapered profile prevents clogging during the cut and the ergonomic, non-slip handle makes the tool remarkably easy and comfortable to use.

    The FELCO 611 and FELCO 621 saws come with a sheath and a detachable belt loop that can be adapted for right and left-handed use. With the exception of the handles, all parts are replaceable, thus ensuring a very long tool life at the highest level of performance.

    For further information:
    - Media (Press): Patricia Borloz: T +41 328 581 449
    - Other questions: To find the right FELCO contact in your country: Contact us

  • As well as the
    FELCO SA: Co-branding agreement with VICTORINOX AG

    Les Geneveys-sur-Coffrane (CH) - The companies FELCO SA and VICTORINOX AG have entered into a co-branding agreement: from June 2009, the company based in Les Geneveys-sur-Coffrane will assume responsibility for the marketing and sales of pruning and grafting knives manufactured by the company from the canton of Schwyz. FELCO SA, which specialises in the manufacture of pruning and cutting tools, can now offer the famous manufacturer of Swiss knives the benefit of its commercial links with professionals from the horticultural and arboricultural sectors.

    One of the results of the agreement entered into by FELCO SA and VICTORINOX AG is that from the month of June 2009 a new product range will be launched including 8 different types of knives, grafting knives, budding knives and pruning knives, all carrying the logos of the two brands. Because of its network of subsidiaries and retail outlets established in more than 130 countries, FELCO SA will assume responsibility for the promotion and sales of this new product range, with the exception of the Swiss, German and Japanese markets where VICTORINOX AG already operates a specialised sales network. The main distribution channels will be centred on the wine-growing, arboricultural and horticultural sectors, as well as park maintenance and gardening.

    For commercial and marketing director at FELCO SA, Stéphane Poggi, this agreement will allow the company situated near Neuchâtel to further extend its tool product range aimed at professionals in the horticultural and arboricultural sectors. "Of course, we are dealing here with a highly specialised market niche. However, it is also one that annually generates a significant level of demand because the market includes not only the grafting activity carried out by nurserymen, grape growers and horticulturists, but also florists who like to use very sharp knives when preparing bouquets and flower displays. These tools will allow us to get even closer to our end-users by presenting them with a wider product range that carries the same guarantee of quality and service that is true of all the other tools we manufacture".

    The FELCO-VICTORINOX range includes eight tool types, three of which are available in two different models, one with standard alloy lining and one with solid brass lining. They include a light weight knife (two models), a rose budding knife (two models), with straight blade and bark lifter, a fruit tree budding knife with curved blade and bark lifter, an all-purpose knife (two models), an all-purpose grafting knife with a solid brass bark opener, a pruning knife with a slightly curved blade for grafting large trees and a pruning knife with a hardwood handle, ideal for desuckering.


    Founded in 1884, the company VICTORINOX AG is one of the flagships of Swiss industry. Its turnover in 2008 was 485 million Swiss francs and the company employs around 1,700 employees at its sites in Ibach (its headquarters, in the canton of Schwyz), in Porrentruy (watch factory), in Delémont (the Wenger cutlery works) and at its own retail outlets. It produces around 26 million knives and other pocket tools per year with a range of 900 different models. The company from Schwyz gained a worldwide reputation after the Second World War for its famous Swiss army knife.

    For further information, please contact:

    Stéphane Poggi, Sales and Marketing Director
    T + 41 328 581 466

  • Pruning shears
    FELCO: The search for optimum environmental performance

    Geneveys-sur-Coffrane – Optimum use of resources and materials at FELCO lies at the very heart of the company's strategy. For the specialist manufacturer of pruning and cutting tools, the constant search for optimum environmental performance makes, first and foremost, economic sense: good management of energy and material consumption means greater efficiency and, hence, higher levels of profitability. For this reason, over the last few years, special efforts have been made to reduce water, electricity and natural gas consumption.

    Water is an essential element at FELCO, particularly in thermal treatment and grinding processes. About ten years ago, the average water consumption per finished tool was 24 litres. As a result of far-reaching measures taken at the production level, water consumption per finished tool is now only 2.4 litres, a reduction by a factor of 10. This performance was partly made possible by the operation of an ingenious piece of machinery that somehow uses the waste material contained in the water emitted by the grinding machines as a reprocessing filter. Earlier machinery, based on sediment filtering techniques, required much greater volumes of water.

    Natural gas:
    The purchase of a new boiler has also allowed FELCO to considerably reduce its consumption of natural gas. In addition, the heat given off during the grinding processes is reintroduced into the heating system using a heat pump. As a result, between 2003 and 2008, consumption levels were halved, as were the amount of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

    These efforts have also paid off as seen in the company's reduced electricity consumption levels. Between 2007 and 2008, electricity consumption has been reduced by just over 10% as a result of more efficient adjustments to the machinery settings and efforts to optimise the organisation of the production process.

    Wastewater is no longer released into the drainage system but is disposed of by a specialised company. Wastewater volumes are also being decreased. New production processes are making multiple operations on just one machine possible, thereby limiting the consumption of chemical agents and reducing waste.

    Less spectacular efforts, but just as important for the protection of the environment, are also made every day within the factory at every level. A systematic sorting and intelligent recycling policy tackles paper, cardboard, wood, plastics, steel, aluminium and organic waste products.

  • Our magazine ab
    Magazine FELCO PASSION 2009

    A new subsidiary in Africa, the launch of the Essentiel range in Australia, a report from Mexico: the contents of the latest "FELCO Passion" Magazine are very varied and no opportunity is missed to highlight the people who make up FELCO. You will even find the original recipe for guacamole!

  • Award for FELCO
    "Osec Export Award": yet another distinction for FELCO

    "Osec Export Award": Geneveys-sur-Coffrane - FELCO finished second in the "Osec Export Awards 2009", a competition organized each year by the Office suisse d'expansion commerciale (Swiss Office for Commercial Expansion - OSEC). The award was presented in Zurich at the beginning of April at the Swiss Foreign Trade Forum in the presence of the head of the Federal Department of Public Economy, Doris Leuthard and the main leaders in the Swiss export economy, including the managing director of Nestlé, Paul Bulcke.

    Held each year, the "Osec Export Awards" are presented to Swiss companies that succeeded in positioning themselves in international markets in an exemplary fashion. The decisions are taken by a jury of five professionals. The main criteria for this award are the quality of the market approach, the objective difficulties in the target market and the sustainability of the expansion.

    FELCO was recognized for its exemplary approach to the Brazilian market. The jury particularly appreciated the quality of its marketing approach and the results obtained in a highly dynamic market with a difficult reputation. FELCO finished second out of three finalists for 2009, the first prize going to the company K-Team (Yverdon) for its very original jockey-robot project intended for dromedary races in countries in the Middle East. The third prize was awarded to the company Lista which produces office furniture and industrial storage systems.

    The jury was composed of five personalities from the business world, academia and the media:

    - Pascal Ihle, Deputy Editor in Chief at the Handelszeitung;
    - Peter E. Naegeli, Director/Chairman of the Board of Directors at Abegglen Management Partners AG;
    - Martin Naville, CEO of the Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce;
    - Hubertus Schmid, Chairman of the Chambres de commerce et d'industrie suisses (Swiss Chambers of Commerce and Industry - CCIS);
    - Thierry Volery, Director of KMU-HSG (Institut suisse pour les PME - Swiss Institute for Small and Medium Businesses) and professor at the University of Saint-Gall.

    For further information, please contact:

    Mr Stéphane Poggi, Sales and Marketing Director
    T: +41 328 581 466 or e-mail:

  • h
    Revolutionary website now online

    Revolutionary website now online

    Les Geneveys-sur-Coffrane (Switzerland) – On Monday 27 October 2008, the major specialist in cutting and pruning tools, FELCO SA, brought its revolutionary new website into operation. Based on software developed by the California firm Interwoven, the new site now allows FELCO SA to support its resellers’ sales promotional activities worldwide and to provide customer service with a new look, directly from its offices in Switzerland.

    With its four subsidiaries abroad (in Germany, Belgium, France and Australia) and an active presence in more than 120 countries, the FELCO SA sales network has highly specific requirements in terms of its promotion: whether in the form of images or texts, information must be rapidly accessible throughout the world, easily adaptable to different media (advertising inserts, posters, electronic distribution, etc.) and available in multiple languages (FELCO has 13 working languages). In the past, resellers would receive CD-ROMs on a regular basis, which contained the documents and images necessary for their business. Under this system, it was extremely difficult to provide updates and to ensure compliance with the standards for presentation of the FELCO brand around the world.

    The new site brought online by FELCO provides a highly efficient solution to all of these issues. The system was implemented by the London firm, TBSCG. The web server is directly connected to the multimedia content manager, which makes it possible to have a single image bank, for use in both printed publication and online distribution. All images displayed on the site come from the multimedia content manager, without the need to adapt or convert the images for the web: these functions are performed automatically. TBSCG also hosts the new site (server side), using very high speed Internet connections; the content management applications are however installed on-site at FELCO SA. This solution guarantees a high level of performance, both when publishing content and for online visitors to the site.

    In addition to this unique functionality, the new site will allow users to select a FELCO tool, either by product category or by profession, or by browsing the full catalogue. The site also lists all spare parts, accessories and promotional items, and provides demonstration videos explaining how to maintain the various tools.

    According to TBSCG, FELCO SA is now far ahead of the pack in terms of its management of multimedia content. The idea of managing a single reference image and of providing the option to place online orders for variations of that image in a number of different forms, for printed publication and for Internet use, is unique in the market. FELCO is already taking full advantage, having previously implemented this functionality for its printed publications three years ago.

    TBSCG - The Banyan Solutions Consulting Group
    Based in London, TBSCG employs a staff of around ten, supported by some twenty external consultants. It uses the following software products developed by the California-based company Interwoven:
    - Interwoven LiveSite: website presentation software, which allows for creation of a high performance, multilingual web server that can easily be configured by the content managers, as required.
    - Interwoven TeamSite & SitePublisher: content and website management software enabling the creation and publishing of content and of multilingual sites, as well as their “publication” to LiveSite. This software provides a “drag’n’drop” function, giving its users a tool for simple, intuitive, graphic management of web pages.
    - Interwoven MediaBin: multimedia content management software.

    Aside from FELCO SA, TBSCG also supports the online activities of companies like Shell (UK, NL), Unite (UK), Belgacom (BE) and Bucks CC (UK).

    Address of new website:

    For further information, please contact:

    Mr Stéphane Poggi, Sales and Marketing Director
    Tel.: +41 328 581 466 or e-mail:

    Mrs Catherine Schmid, Marketing Asset Manager
    Tel.: +41 328 581 461 or e-mail:

  • Swiss Design No
    FELCO in Guangzhou - Swiss Design Now continues....

    The opening ceremony was held on 29th October in Guangzhou with the presence of our Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey.

    Swiss Design Now, curated by Pierre Keller of the Arts School in Lausanne, was previously shown in Shanghai (2005) and in Beijing (September 2006). The exhibition will also come to Switzerland at the end of next year.

  • FELCO Germany b
    Establishment of FELCO Germany

    After Belgium, France and Australia, FELCO has opened its fourth branch
    in Germany on 1st January 2007. Welcome !

    FELCO Deutschland GmbH
    Postfach 13 52
    Ludwigsburger Str. 71
    D-71688 Freiberg/Nekar
    Phone : 071 41 685 75 75
    Fax : 071 41 685 75 85
    E-mail :

  • FELCO Prize
    FELCO, 60 years old and going places

    2005 will have been a very special year for FELCO, world leader in pruning shears and industry flagship in Neuchâtel, Switzerland: the firm celebrated its 60th anniversary, won French-speaking Switzerland’s Enterprise of the Year award, invested CHF 7.5 million in a 2,500 m2 factory extension, and among other developments, launched two ground-breaking models of professional shears.

    A new range of professional tools

    The new two-hand secateurs series FELCO 200 and FELCO 210 are the latest fruits of sixty years at the forefront of pruning technology. They combine unique know-how with an unparalleled mastery of cutting edge-technology.

    The fact that they are completely interchangeable makes these top-class tools unique: the tubes come in three lengths and a choice of two materials (i.e. ultra-light carbon fibre or more economical aluminium). There is also a choice of two cutting heads (straight or curved). Note: the aluminium version will only be available for the 2006-2007 season.

    Easier to use and more ergonomic than ever with their soft, non-slip handle grips, the 200 and 210 models are above all feather light. "Reducing the weight of our products has always been one of our primary ambitions," says Stéphane Poggi, FELCO's Sales and Marketing Director. "But to get there, we had to achieve the impossible: a carbon-aluminium link that is both effective and durable – something nobody had managed before."

    For some months now, the engineers from Neuchâtel have succeeded in meeting that challenge. FELCO's management is particularly proud of the breakthrough - an incredibly robust carbon-aluminium link. The patented invention reduces the weight of two-handed, 60-cm pruning shears by a massive 39%. "Professionals will appreciate this significant improvement to user comfort," adds Stéphane Poggi.

    When asked about the advantages of this modular product, one fruit grower enthused: "Being able to replace the straight head by a curved one spares me a great deal of effort. And the fact that it is possible to change the length of the tube in just a few seconds means I can have the right tool for every job. With the carbon fibre, you hardly feel the weight of the tool in your hands – it's incredibly light!"

    Users looking for the lightest equipment will opt for the Expert range with carbon fibre tubes or with aluminium tubes. Those who simply require a tried and tested tool whose functions are identical but that is more economical to buy will be offered the tools from the traditional FELCO range.

    An Expanding and Dynamic Family Business

    Last year, FELCO decided to enhance both the flexibility and capacity of its manufacturing operations. The family business invested CHF 7.5 million of shareholders’ funds in factory extensions to implement its growth strategy.

  • FELCO Open day
    Open Day, Saturday 3rd September 2005, from 8 am till 12.30 am

    FELCO SA has the pleasure to welcome you in les Geneveys-sur-Cofrrane
    on Saturday 3rd September 2005,
    from 8 am till 12.30 am to discover the factory.

    Catering on the spot.

  • Picking and tri
    New FELCO: Even the plants are mighty pleased…

    New FELCO: Even the plants are mighty pleased… When the world's leading manufacturer of pruning and cutting tools launches new products, everybody to do with shoots or branches holds their breath. This applies to professionals, of course, but also to amateurs who have been able to benefit from FELCO's expertise for some years now. One is tempted to say that it even applies to plants, since they do appreciate clean, precise cuts.
    Waiting for these new products will definitely have been worthwhile, and an even larger clientele will now be able to benefit from the development of the range proposed by this Swiss company, which has chosen to expand in order to satisfy a wider public. The legendary quality of the brand, which exports to nearly one hundred countries, is now accessible at outright "charter-flight" prices.

    Trees, bushes and plants are sensitive to the quality of the care they are given, and the use of efficient tools that do not inflict unnecessary damage on them is among their rightful demands. They show their gratitude in the form of fragrant, colourful flowers and flavoursome, healthy fruits.

    The two new tools launched by FELCO bear the product numbers FELCO 300 and FELCO 310. They are distinguished by the shape of their cutting head: a classical curve for the former, and slim blades for the latter when access to the shoots that are to be cut is awkward. Which one will you prefer for the grape harvest? Quite honestly, experience has shown that this is a highly personal choice.

    For the rest, the tools clearly belong to the same family, and have numerous features in common. Light and easy to handle, they have stainless steel blades: a first for FELCO and an innovation that will please all gardeners. Besides, they feature soft springs that render work much easier and require little strength. And not to be forgotten, the locking mechanism for opening and closing allows for single-handed operation. Naturally, the handles are ergonomically designed.

    One small note: these are not pruning tools, but intended for cutting small shoots and collecting flowers and fruits. Nevertheless, in the displays at stores where these tools will be distributed, no confusion will be possible because the manufacturer clearly distinguishes the various product lines by clear labeling and color coding.

    To be competitive to such an extent, this Neuchâtel company has found a manufacturing partner for these tools, which are produced under FELCO's control and according to its stringent quality criteria. Designed and developed in Switzerland, both tools are a fitting addition to the company's entire range because they meet the standards that have made its worldwide reputation: a cut that is always clean and precise, ease of handling, security for the professional or amateur user, plus product reliability and durability.

    For further information:
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